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Mama's - S50 Wearable Breast Pump
Price RM259.00 - RM499.00 RM359.00 - RM599.00
Product SKU DB-055
Brand MAMA'S
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm
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1. Slim and invisible design

  • Discreet and card-free, the pump slips into your bra. A truly hands-free pump

2. 3 modes with 15 adjustable levels

  • Massager Mode: 1-15 gear adjustment with quick and steady massage. Massage nipples to get rid of lumps and alternate gentle expression.
  • Pumping Mode: 1-15 gear adjustment. Smooth, deep and comfortable pumping easy and gentle feeding
  • Automatic Mode: 1-12 auto up shift; 13-15 manual adjustment. Gently up shift from massage to expression mode; press the level increase/decrease to stay at the level you desire

3. Quiet Pumping

  • 20dB: Whisper
  • 30dB: Library
  • 40dB: Quiet office
  • 60dB: Conversation
  • 80dB: Street

4. Silicone Breast Shield BPA FREE Material

  • Mode for BPA FREE material 180ml cup capacity with clear indicator

5. 30 minutes auto off

6. Type-C Charging Port

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